Digital Marketing Strategy

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About Course

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the strategic implications of developments in the digital environment, as well as their impact on marketing communications. This will enable students to integrate and optimize digital marketing as well as develop strategic responses to change to develop a digital marketing plan. Students will also have to ensure responses are measured to evidence success.

About Course

  • Duration: 13 Weeks
  • Mode of Instruction: Blended
AUCDT Main Campus Building - Oyibi


SHS Graduates, Students in Tertiary Institutions, Freelancers, Small Scale Business Owners, Young Professionals with interest in media, general public.

There are 13 Weeks in this Professional Short Course

Week 1 - Course Overview and Introduction

1.0 Overview of Digital Marketing Strategy 

  • Overview of the Global, Africa and Ghana Digital Landscape;
  • What is digital marketing?
  • Goals of digital marketing;
  • The unique benefits of digital marketing and;
  • Limitations of digital marketing
  • Difference between Traditional Media and New Media

Week 2 - Digital Marketing Strategy

2.0 Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Developing a digital marketing strategy, -Components Explained
  • What is a digital marketing strategy,
  • Principles of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Why the need for a clear digital marketing strategy,
  • SWOT and PESTLE Analysis in the Digital Marketing Plan
  • Competitor Benchmarking Tools  

Week 3 - Digital Marketing Strategy 2

2.0 Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Crafting a digital Marketing Objectives
  • Overview of Digital Marketing Channels – [Owned, Paid & Earned]
  • Digital Marketing Planning Frameworks
  • Understanding Digital Business Models

Week 4 - Understanding the Digital Consumer Behaviour

3.0 Understanding the Digital Consumer Behaviour

  • Developing Target Audience Canvas/Avatars
  • How digital consumers differ from offline consumers
  • Segmentation in digital Marketing
  • The digital consumer buying process and evaluation

Week 5 - Exploring Digital Channels Converting

4.0 Exploring Digital Channels

Converting Customers with Web/Internet/Online Marketing

  • What is web/internet/online marketing?
  • Types of web marketing
  • Appreciating WEB Design, planning, designing, developing, testing, deployment
  • Choosing Domain Names, Hosting and Managing websites

Week 6 - Exploring Digital Channels 2

4.0 Exploring Digital Channels

Driving Awareness with Online Display Advertising or Per Pay Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Why search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Principles of SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Use of Google AdWords
  • Web Analytics

Week 7 - Exploring Digital Channels –Social Media

4.0 Exploring Digital Channels –Social Media

Retaining Customers with Social Media –Part One

  • LinkedIn– Business Tools on LinkedIn, Creating Campaigns on LinkedIn, Advertising on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Insights
  • Facebook – Creating Business Pages on Facebook, Types of Publications, Creating Facebook Ads, Ads Visibility, and Facebook Analytics

Week 8 - Exploring Digital Channels – Social Media 2

4.0 Exploring Digital Channels – Social Media

Retaining Customers with Social Media –Part Two

  • Twitter – Creating Twitter Accounts, Optimising Twitter, Twitter Ads and Twitter Analytics
  • YouTube _Creating Business accounts in YouTube, Youtube Advertising, YouTube Video creation, monetizing on Youtube, and YouTube Analytics
  • Introduction to Hootsuites
  • Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, WhatApp, Instagram and Hootsuites Analytics or Insights


Week 9 - Exploring Digital Channels – Social Media 3

4.0 Exploring Digital Channels – Social Media

Retaining Customers with Social Media –Part Three

  • Instagram _Creating Instagram Business accounts, Intsagram Advertising, monetizing on Instagram, and Instagram Insights
  • WhatsApp business accounts, optimizing WhatsApps and Insights
  • Pinterest Accounts and Anlaytics
  • Introduction to Hootsuites

Week 10 - Exploring Digital Channels - Email Marketing

4.0 Exploring Digital Channels – Email Marketing

  • Types
  • Planning using Mail Chimp
  • Benefits
  • Measuring Email Marketing Performance

Week 11 - Exploring Digital Channels –Mobile Marketing

4.0 Exploring Digital Channels –Mobile Marketing

Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Week 12 - Viral Marketing

4.0 Exploring Digital Channels
Viral Marketing

  • Concept Definition
  • Benefits
  • Strategies

5.0 Action Plan for Digital Strategies
6.0 Digital Marketing Budgets
7.0 Evaluating Digital Marketing Performance


Revision (assignments and tutorial questions).

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are to:

  • Understand the strategic implications of the changing digital environment;
  • Explain the range of skills necessary to successfully craft, operate and manage digital marketing campaigns;
  • Describe the analytical, conceptual and practical tools necessary for digital marketing communications decision-making,
  • Provide an understanding of consumer behaviour in a digital context,
  • Provide an opportunity to diagnose, develop and apply digital marketing solutions for real clients,
  • Provide insights into the ways in which to measure and evaluate digital channels success

Course Instructions

Assignments and relevant materials will be sent to students. Students are at liberty to send emails to the lecturer to book appointments, ask questions, seek permission about absences, etc. The lecturer will also send out emails or WhatsApp messages where necessary. Students need to check their mails on a regular basis.

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