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We are honored to have you become part of our community here at the Jewellery Design Department and we welcome you to join us on our mission towards the achievement of AUCDT’s vision. We have carefully structured these certificate courses aimed at training people to have knowledge  about different materials, composition, fabrication and finishing  techniques as well as market trends.

Certificate in Bench Jewellery

Our Certificate courses are structured to provide persons with the requisite knowledge to become bench jewellers who are able to perform variety of jewellery making services, including cleaning and polishing jewelry along with advanced tasks such as jewelry design and gem stone setting.

One Academic Year

Certificate in Bench Jewellery

This course seeks to train students to acquire the prerequisite hands-on-skills in Jewellery Design for them to become Bench Jewellers after ONE ACADEMIC YEAR.

Proficiency Certificate Courses

Our Proficiency Courses are short courses structured to provide persons with the requisite knowledge in Jewellery making.

6 weeks

Material Preparation In jewellery making

6 weeks

Basic Stone Setting Techniques

8 weeks

Advance Gem Stone Setting Techniques

3 weeks

Jewellery Finishing and Preservation Techniques

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