Course Description

This course seeks to train students to acquire the prerequisite hands-on-skills in Jewellery Design for them to become Bench Jewellers after ONE ACADEMIC YEAR.

Course Objectives

The course is intended to:

Produce technologically trained expertise with the requisite knowledge and skills in jewellery production.

Give students an opportunity to explore and unearth their creative prowesss in Jewellery Design as a source of employment.

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Identify and describe the use of Tools, Equipment's and Machines.
  • Explore a range of materials used in making Jewellery
  • Skillfully create and/or repair pieces of Jewellery using a variety of materials and techniques for artistic expression in works.
  • Effectively apply surface finishing such as filing, Sanding and Polishing.
  • Become employable/entrepreneurs in areas related to Jewellery Design, Marketing and Manufacture.

Course Content

12 ModulesOne Academic Year


  1. Introduction to tools, equipments and machineries and their use in Jewellery Design.
  2. Introduction to precious metals and alloying
    1. Gold and Silver


  1. Melting, Annealing and Pickling
    1. Various types of melting
    2. Annealing process
    3. Pickling
  2. Milling, Drawing (Wires/sheet metal)
    1. Use of milling machine
    2. Types of draw plates
  3. Chain (weaving)
    1. Etruscan chains
    2. Double heart
    3. House fly
  4. Soldering
    1. Sweat soldering
    2. Bead
  5. Chain (soldered)
    1. Curb
    2. Box
  6. Drilling, Piercing,  Filing and Sanding
    1. Accessories
  7. Metal forming (Basic shapes) bangles
    1. Hammering
    2. Joining
  8. Rings
    1. Ring sizing
    2. Signet ring
    3. Bands
    4. Fancy
  9. Basic Stone Setting
    1. One stone
    2. Bezel
    3. Cabochon
    4. Prong
    5. Wire
  10. Final Finish
    1. Polishing
    2. Cleaning
  11. Testing of Metals
    1. Carat check
  12. Packaging

Student Portfolio

Preview works of our certificate students over the years. This collection also gives you access to work processes, tools, machine and other engagements during the entire stay in AUCDT.

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