Welcome Message from our President to new students.

I am delighted to welcome all new students to AsanSka University College of Design and Technology (AUCDT).

Congratulations on your excellent decision to choose AUCDT which is one of a kind in the country for your further education. Our founding principle is to train highly skilled
technicians and artisans of the future at the highest educational level possible, so that all alumni will have better prospects of getting well-paid jobs through which they can contribute to nation building.

I encourage you all to make the most of your time at AUCDT, because your experience at this University College will be what you make it, and your opportunities will only be limited by the constraints you impose on yourselves. Therefore, avail yourselves of the excellent facilities we have at this University College such as the Library, state of the art workshops and well-focussed courses facilitated by our very experienced lecturers.

I hope that you will all have a marvellous time at AUCDT, and that your learning experiences will bring a positive change in your personal circumstances. Above all, enjoy yourselves and remember that while the dedicated academic and administrative staff of AUCDT are here to help you achieve your full potential, there is no substitute for hard work in the quest for success in life.

Prof. Emmanuel A. Asante

President of AsanSka University College of Design & Technology (AUCDT)


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