Welcome to AsanSKa University College Hostel

Welcome to AUCDT Hostel

We are glad to welcome you to our hostel

AUCDT Campus at Oyibi

About Hostel

AUCDT has a hostel facility that is safe, secure and suitable for both local and international students. It is located at Sasaabi within easy travel distance from the Oyibi campus (approximately 1 mile) and is well-served by public transport. The hostel has a 24-hour security presence, running water and electricity to provide a convenient and safe environment for our students.

AUCDT Main Campus Building - Oyibi
AUCDT Main Campus Building - Oyibi

The room occupancies and charges are as listed below. *All rates are in Ghana cedis and are effective from 1st March, 2022.

4 in 1 300 1,200
3 in 1 350 1,400
2 in 1 400 1,600
Single Occupancy 500 2,000

Hostel fees are quoted on a semester basis, which is four months. But some students may want to stay or leave their personal belongings at the hostel at the end of the semester, in such cases, a charge will apply on a pro-rata basis.

All fees are to be paid directly into the account details below:

Bank: Consolidated Bank Ghana
Account Name: AsanSka University College of Design and Technology
Account Number: 0600779100001
Branch: Kokomlemle Branch

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