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Our programmes offer students with limitless learning possibilities using state-of-the-art facilities that facilitate good teaching and learning to develop skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

State of the Art Facilities

It is a new era for art, design and technology education with limitless opportunities. Our beautiful classroom and studio set-ups will serve as the door to these discoveries.


As a private design and technology institution, quality education is provided as a result of professional staff, quality resources, small class sizes to facilitate interactive learning techniques. Our knowledgeable staff responds to your interests and addresses your academic needs. AUCDT has four departments which are the Department of Jewellery Design Technology, Department of Digital Media and Communication Design , Department of Fashion Design Technology and Department of Product Design and Entrepreneurship

Our range of courses allows individual talent to be developed through access to unique and enviable range of equipment. Students are encouraged to explore processes and materials – and experiment to push the boundaries of their discipline.

Department of Product Design & Entrepreneurship

The Department of Product Design & Entrepreneurship offers a Degree, Diploma and Short Course programmes. We are delighted that you are considering becoming part of our community here at the Product Design and Entrepreneurship Department. Product Design is a modern twist on what started life as Industrial Design. An industrial designer develops the concepts for manufactured products, such as cars, home appliances, electronics and toys.

Department of Digital Media and Communication Design

The department offers a four (4) Academic year programme called BTech Digital Media and Communication Design. This programme will help students learn and explore graphic design, typography and digital media along with industry-specific areas of study such as information design, branding, editorial and publication, motion graphics, type design, advertising, and Web/mobile app design.

Our BTech Digital Media and Communication Design will provide you with a pathway to a professional career.

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Department of Jewellery Design Technology

The Jewellery Design Department offers a structured module made up of lectures, field trips, projects and other activities will introduce you to a range of materials, techniques and skills needed to become a certified Jewellery Designer. 

Department of Fashion Design Technology

The Department of Fashion Design offers a Four (4) Year Bachelor of Technology in Fashion Design Technology programme aimed at providing you with the skills necessary to further your career as a fashion designer. The course is designed to help you understand and work within the contemporary industrial environment and particular attention is given to helping you acquire entrepreneurial skills.

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