Aim of the Programme

We are honored to have you become part of our community here at the Jewellery Design Department and we welcome you to join us on our mission towards the achievement of ACDT’s vision. Learn essential core skills in jewellery making, to build confidence and know-how.

Our carefully structured modules made up of lectures, field trips, projects and other activities will introduce you to a range of materials, techniques, processes and skills needed to become a certified Jewellery Designer. 

The Diploma in Jewellery Design Technology programme is designed to contribute to the transformation of the Ghanaian raw material export economy into a manufacturing economy that will export quality finished products for increased foreign exchange. Most importantly, this course is instituted to pave the way for a more profitable use of Ghana’s raw and hopefully, refined gold, through skills and research development in the art of precious jewellery design and fabrication/manufacture.

Course Description

This course seeks to train students to develop concepts covering a wide range of jewellery types and to have an understanding of the various fabrication processes involved in   jewellery development and design.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the programme are to:

Use this programme to initiate the development of a Jewellery market in Ghana.

Develop a group of competent, professional jewellery designers to satisfy the growing needs of Ghana’s citizens as the country moves to the upper echelons of a middle-income country.

Give the youth an opportunity to give vent to their creative ideas through jewellery design and manufacture as a profession.

Serve as a conduit for those who have established careers in other disciplines and who seek to change their professional direction.

Serve as a means for those who have been out of touch to enhance their skills by upgrading themselves to acquire current technological tools developed to aid the modern design, manufacturing or production environment.

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