BA Product Design & Entrepreneurship

Develop critical and creative thinking skills, technical skills while expanding your capacity to communicate and make compelling ‘live’ product design project pitches.

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Career Opportunities

With our BA Product Design & Entrepreneurship Programme, you’ll have the right credentials for a variety of careers. Potential careers include:

  • Rural and Cottage Industry
  • Self-employment
  • Security Services (e.g., Police-CID, CEPS, etc)
  • Design Studios/Consulting
  • Product Developer/Designer
  • CAM Machine Operator
  • 3D Illustrator
  • Packaging Designer
  • Non-Traditional Export Sector
  • Ghana Education Service
  • Artisanal Manufacturing

Our curriculum provides you with skills that are valued in various creative industries. While learning from professors who have real-world industry experience, the program equips you to lead others and excel as a professional and creative product designer.


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